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Special Projects and Places

Our National Society has a long list of Special Projects and Places associated with the War of 1812 and our objectives that are supported by our North Carolina Society as well as our chapters. They are all detailed on our national website; however, a few are highlighted below.

Laura Edwards and Kimberly Froeschner.png
Patriotic Education

We are excited to help our communities learn about the historical period when the War of 1812 occurred. Our Daughters participate in anniversaries related to notable events of the War of 1812, such as "Star Spangled Banner Day" on September 14th, to recognize the birth of our National Anthem. Our Daughters read books in classrooms that relate stories from this point in history, and sometimes do so in period costume to enhance the experience. National Parks often observe battle anniversaries at which our Daughters often participate in wreath-layings and park events. Our society also engages with others to teach how to properly display the flag as part of our patriotic education, as well as how to appropriately dispose of a tattered flag.  

These activities just scratch the surface of what we do - and what you could do with us!

USO donation 1.jpg
Active Military & Veteran Support

We fly our flag, vote, work in elections, and serve in the Armed Forces like many other Americans. We send care packages, cards and letters, and recognize dedicated and notable involvement in the JROTC/ROTC programs. We show our support for men and women on Military active and reserve duty in the United States and around the world to recognize their contributions and show them the North Carolina Daughters of 1812 are proud of their service.

​Our Daughters also volunteer at Veterans Administration hospitals, state veteran homes, Veterans Health Administration clinics, military hospitals, and military family service and eagerly participate in Wreaths Across America every year.

Pictured left are some of the snacks donated for the Raleigh-Durham airport USO at a state meeting of the NC Society Daughters of 1812 in 2021.

Attendees of Deep Water Point Marker.JPG
Markers, Memorials, Dedications

A long-standing mission of our Society has been to mark, dedicate, re-dedicate, and record historic landmarks pertaining to the period 1784-1815. Additionally, memorial markers may be placed on graves of any individual who rendered military, naval, or civil service from 1784-1815.

Our Daughters also invite the public to attend any dedication or re-dedication of a marker or grave marker at which the history associated with the event or person is reported. 

Pictured left is the Rededication of the Memorial Marker at Historic Fort Jonston by Commissioner Charles Gause Chapter in Southampton, NC on June 7, 2022

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